Downgauge your packaging film

for compression multipacking

All of Qubiqa's multipack and bundler machines now come standard with the proprietary FlexWeld welding mechanism, which was created mainly for MDO film.


With more than 70 FlexWeld welding systems currently in use globally in the insulation business, the FlexWeld has a strong track record. Most of our clients are considering futures where actions to save resources and improve sustainability are given top priority.

There are several machine types and applications where the FlexWeld welding technology may be employed. The examples beside demonstrate a vertical application with two Servo-drives, allowing the welding position to be adjusted in accordance with the package height.

FlexWeld Qubiqa patented welding bar for industy machines


We were very happy with the upgrade to the FlexWeld. A successful upgrade that will benefit our business and quality in the future.
Andrew Dowsley Engineering Manager CSR Masonry & Insulation Bradford, Monier, PGH

How it works

The plastic film sealing (weld) is always the weakest point in a multipack. To obtain strong welds in MDO film when producing multipacks under compression, it is necessary to control the tensioning in the film during the sealing process.

Qubiqa developed a welding bar that gives strong welds in MDO film when compression multipacks. The result is one of Qubiqa’s sustainability offerings – we call it the FlexWeld




Non-Qubiqa Multipack machines

Qubiqa and non-Qubiqa Multipack machines with conventional welding systems can be upgraded to FlexWeld systems.


Investment pay-back time for the FlexWeld 

This makes the investment pay-back time for the FlexWeld upgrade very attractive, typically less than one year.


Film types

The FlewWeld system can work with various film kinds and thicknesses, making it incredibly flexible.






Sustainability & efficient use of resources  


Another advantage of MDO film is since the MDO film is pre-stretched, the bundles or multipacks will not grow over time because the MDO film is not expandable like conventional PE film.

MDO films are also available on the market with recycled content. For example:


Formifor Sustane is an MDO film with 30% - 50% recycled content achieved via a circular economy concept [1]. Some other plastic film producers on the market are Rani[2] and Barbiere [3]



Want to know more about the European Union’s Green Deal ? 




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