This is how we supports UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

During fiscal year 16 Qubiqa’s Corporate Social Responsibility-strategy and concrete Corporate Social Responsibility-initiatives have directly supported at least these six global goals:

Goal 4, Quality education

- by revising our policies within recruitments, work environment, employee education and training, conditions for senior employees etcetera.

Based on relevant training and education we focus on achieving enhanced production efficiency and on lowering the risk of work-related injury incidents. Our efforts address both physical and mental work environment issues and conditions.

Our employees have the possibility to participate in relevant work-related education and training fully financed or co-financed by the employer. The objective is e.g. to contribute to increase and maintain the employee satisfaction rates, to create long-termed value for both parties, to handle and reduce the risk of work injuries and to limit sick leave rates. Going forward Qubiqa will initiate more focus on near misses and activities to prevent near misses and lost time injuries.

Qubiqa has previously and will going forward perform an employee satisfaction survey which is a valuable part of forming the human resource strategies and objectives.


Goal 5, Gender equality

- by having formulated clear principles for how to ensure that both genders are treated equally and fair.

We have formulated a policy on gender equality that covers both managerial layers and employee layers within our organization. The policy ensures that we are compliant with all legal requirements in the countries where we operate, and that gender, religion, sexual observation e.g. is never a criterion when selecting who to employ, promote or dismiss.

By acting per these principles, we ensure that only qualifications and work-relevant experiences are in focus and are the foundation for the evaluation and rewarding of all Qubiqa people.


Goal 7, Affordable and clean energy

- by setting up specific policies on energy consumption and energy efficiency. 

It is our objective to reduce our relative energy consumption and to move towards using more environmental and climate friendly energy sources. We seek to contribute to energy optimizations knowledge for our employees and customers.

On an on-going basis, we evaluate our equipment and installations to identify optimization possibilities, and development projects are initiated whenever relevant and viable.

We promote active dialogue with all relevant stakeholders (including suppliers, customers, employees, authorities, neighbours and organizations) on best practices within energy consumption. We communicate actively on energy issues and report on our own progress within this field.


Goal 9, Industry, innovation and infrastructure

- by introducing up to date work procedures on integrating sustainable innovation goals in our product designs and principles.

We ensure that good practice on e.g. energy consumption, maintenance, service requirements and end-of-life de-assembly of our products are introduced wherever relevant. We pursue that at least two sustainable innovation activities, procedures, or principles are implemented each year.

We have formulated a procurement policy which coordinates and optimizes our sourcing conduct. The policy includes sustainability requirements for both products and services we buy and for the suppliers’ way of running their businesses – we have this specified in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

We have established work procedures to ensure that our requirements for suppliers are followed. The procedures include a close on-going dialogue, on-site reviews, desk-top reviews and risk segmentation of the suppliers that ensures our focus and resources are used where most value can be created.

We adhere to the principle of engaging into a dialogue and development planning with suppliers that are not fully in line with our principles, but contracts and relations will be terminated in cases where breaches are not eliminated reasonably.


Goal 12, Responsible consumption and production

- by establishing clear and operational policies and guidelines to be followed daily throughout our operation.

Via these focuses we ensure correct registration, use and evaluation of all waste fractions, use of materials, district heating, water, gas and electricity. We have carried out all mandatory and relevant materials and work process evaluations, including focus on hazardous waste and materials.

We have trained and informed all employees on best practices on material scrap reduction methods, and we perform follow ups on this on a regularly basis. We have introduced further requirements for our waste separations and downstream handling of waste.

Our efforts during the year have materialized in reduced electricity consumption based on e.g. installation of low-energy light bulbs and automatic switches and timers.



Goal 13, Climate action

- by formulating a policy with the objective of reducing Qubiqa’s climate footprint.

We have selected a new supplier for our electricity deliveries and ensured that all electricity is fully carbon neutral (all Qubiqa’s electricity is produced from hydropower). We have set up new stricter sourcing requirements for our suppliers to ensure that they have an attention on contributing to carbon reductions.

When offering tenders and entering contracts with vendors we ensure that environmental and climate issues are part of the selection criteria.