Realizing opportunity -
we see potential instead of obstacles

Our vision is ”Realizing Opportunity”.

To us, this means that we focus on helping our customers realize their potential in the best possible way. Therefore, we aim at being innovative and to design efficient solutions in a high quality to become our customers’ preferred partner regarding internal logistics solutions.


Qubiqa’s mission is to develop, manufacture and implement intelligent material handling and logistics solutions in cooperation with our customers to improve their efficiency and operational quality. Some of the indicators are customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. We will keep focusing on these issues, for instance through customer follow-up meetings.

Realizing opportunity?
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Anders H. Andersen
Sales Director
Let us help you tailor a solution especially for you, ensuring the required capacity and quality for future growth.
Our mission is to develop, manufacture and implement intelligent material handling and logistics solutions in cooperation with our customers to improve their efficiency and operational quality!
Morten Seeberg CEO at Qubiqa

World class cold end insulation equipment

We are experts in innovative and future-proof turnkey solutions for the insulation industry. We cover the entire process, from oven exit to palletizing with state-of-the-art technology and machinery built to last.


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Biomass handling

Tailor-made logistics solutions for biomass handling

Qubiqa is supplier of innovative turnkey logistics solutions for the handling of baled biomass for power and fuel production. Our concepts are based on know-how gained from numerous projects supplied over more than 25 years.


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Ceiling board handling 

Intelligent automated equipment for ceiling board handling 

Qubiqa design, produce, assemble and install automated solutions for board handling worldwide. We are experts in solving your challenges – we have in-depth industry experience, highly skilled technicians and the widest range of standard equipment.


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Project management – we are a flexible and knowledgeable partner

Qubiqa is a project-oriented manufacturer accustomed to handling complex projects. For decades, we have managed small, medium and large scale projects in many countries around the globe

We understand and respect different cultures and their specific approach to project execution.


Our project model includes check lists and regular follow-up meetings. This guarantees that our customers receive the agreed supply at the agreed time.

We know the importance and value of following a time schedule, delivering on time, being ready for and handling changes.

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Realizing opportunity?
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The hotline is manned by experienced technicians, who are familiar with the function of your machines. Customers who have not signed a Hotline Service Contract with Qubiqa are also welcome to contact our hotline.
Qubiqa offers to lend you one of our supervisors. If you have a project but are not entirely certain how to approach it, you can rent one of Qubiqa’s experienced employees.
We supply solutions for (m)any logistics challenges
Our focus on capacity, productivity and quality helps customers run a safe, highly efficient and cost-effective operation that is easy to instantly scale to current production needs.
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