01 June 2022

Upgraded service set-up in North America

Higher demand for quality equipment within the insulation industry in the US has contributed to a better service setup in North America. We can now send a US-based technician directly to the site the next day, who can then solve the problem with support from Denmark. 

To strengthen our foothold in North Amerika, Qubiqa has entered into an agreement with a US-based service partner.


We are happy to announce our new service set up for North America.


In collaboration with the Louisiana-based company Concept Industrial Systems LLC, Qubiqa now has access to US-based service technicians who can support Qubiqa's service concept in North America.


US hotline No 844 600 01 99

By calling Qubiqa's hotline, our customers can reach a service technician in Denmark 24/7. This technician is familiar with the machines installed in the US. If the issue cannot be solved by phone or by uplink to the PLC of the machine in question, we are now able to send a US technician to the site the next day, who can then solve the problem with support from Denmark.


Will Moon, CEO of Concept Industrial Systems, states that he looks forward to collaborating with Qubiqa and to sending service technicians to Qubiqa's customers to solve any issues they may have.


In connection with this new agreement, Qubiqa has appointed Morten L. Seeberg, the new CEO of Qubiqa Inc.



We look forward to this new stage of our operations in North America. 

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With a Total Service Management agreement, Qubiqa has undertaken the operational responsibility and thereby guarantees efficient operation and maintenance.