11 July 2023

Press release: Qubiqa adds volume and new competencies with the acquisition of CH System.

With a strategically important acquisition of the Danish robotics company CH System, Qubiqa in Esbjerg has gained access to new markets and business areas. 

"We are strengthening the future of both companies," says Axel Manøe Jepsen, chairman of the board at Qubiqa

With the acquisition of the reputable Danish robotics company CH System, the Esbjerg Denmark-based Qubiqa group is set to gain access to several new business areas and grow with 70 new colleagues.  


Qubiqa, the market leader in automated packaging systems, has experienced solid growth in recent years, and the deal contributes to Qubiqa's overall strategic goal of DKK one billion in revenue by 2032 at the latest.  


"We want to both grow organically and add more volume to the group," says Qubiqa’s chairman of the board, Axel Manøe Jepsen:  


"Today, close to 90% of our activities are within our core business for the insulation industry. Strategically, CH System fits ideally with our ambition to expand our business areas and ensure that we are more broadly based in several markets. We believe that the acquisition strengthens the future of both companies," he says.  



Two well-run businesses  

Prior to the acquisition, Qubiqa had 240 employees divided between sales, administration, engineering, and production in Esbjerg as well as production in Poland. The company develops and produces automated packaging solutions for the largest insulation manufacturers worldwide, forming a smaller part of CH System's portfolio.  


"We see a clear advantage in two well-run, strong companies having the same ownership," says Qubiqa CEO Morten Lagoni Seeberg:  


"We wish to continue two strong brands, both of which are currently very busy. Over time we will identify the obvious places where we can expand and grow by utilising the competencies we now share. We have some common areas with obvious synergies, possibilities and potential, e.g. in the supply chain. In addition, Qubiqa now get an entry into new markets and business areas where CH-System is active, such as the Food, PtX, and Pharma sectors. I see growth potential in the collaboration for both of us," says Morten Lagoni Seeberg.  



Provides new opportunities  


Similarly, CH System is looking forward to entering a well-functioning supply chain at Qubiqa with a significant lift in economic volume that contains:  


"By working together, the companies achieve a critical mass that can be used to maintain and expand our overall service business," says Christian Weinreich, co-owner and Technical Director of CH System.  


He sees a clear potential in becoming part of a larger company:  


"We have a significant advantage in the added skills and increased financial resources to handle increasingly large projects that our multinational customers demand. With the increased volume, we ensure a stable and reliable platform where business is strengthened to benefit employees, customers, and suppliers," says Christian Weinreich.  





Qubiqa is primarily owned by local businesspeople from Esbjerg, and the investors include chairman of the board Axel Manøe Jepsen, board member Esben Bay Jørgensen, CEO Morten Lagoni Seeberg and CFO Jørgen Prange Løvschall as well as two private investors: Claus Skov and Jesper Kalko. The two previous owners of CH System, John Thrane Nielsen and Christian Weinreich, also join the ownership group.  



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