01 October 2023

Annual Report FY23

All-time high activity level! Summing up 2022 in a few words, ‘busy’ and ‘profitable’ comes to mind.

"We entered the year from an all-time high activity level and stayed there throughout. With an extensive project pipeline and a significant backlog due to the challenging global supply situation and reduced components availability of the previous year, we knew we were in for an engaging 2022. Further adding to that through a strong presence in existing and emerging markets, we have had a lot on our plate, with successfully implemented projects paving the way for the next projects.

The increased activity has seen an influx of colleagues, with the Qubiqa family growing by around 30 per cent. A warm welcome to you all. We have had to expand our facilities, too, with Qubiqa now operating from four locations in Denmark and two in Poland.

Our expectations for FY24 are positive. We have strong books, qualified and talented staff, and committed owners who are investing in building Qubiqa as a company as well as expanding our interests on a group level to other markets.

With the global agenda of reducing energy consumption as strong as ever, further pushing the demand for our product, we have every reason to be optimistic."


- Morten Seeberg 


Read more in the full report. 


See the full annual report for Financial Year 2023

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