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    consisting of the well-known brands QLS, Jokan, Seelen and Univeyor. Together we offer some of the most efficient internal logistics solutions available on the market. Read more about our origin.


    We always wish to enter into a dialogue and do our utmost to improve ourselves. Call CEO Axel M. Jepsen directly on tel. +45 20 11 79 20, or send an e-mail to – together we will make even better solutions.
    Read more about the logistics solution supplied to Wittusen & Jensen, automating 90 percent of the functions in their picking storage – at the same time the storage capacity was improved substantially.
Qubiqa opens sales office in the United States!
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Driven by markedly growth and the wish to increase its presence on the American market, Qubiqa has opened a sales office in Kansas City, centrally in the U.S. From this office, we will service the American customers, among which are the largest system integrators and major actors within the insulation industry.


Our continued growth will in the long term be facilitated by investing in the growing of new customer relationships on new markets, supported by the best contemporary technology available. 


Netto's Distribution Center: Layer Picker upgrade
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The Danish supermarket chain, Netto, operates a fully automated and modern distribution centre in Køge, responsible for supplying goods to all the chain’s 454 supermarkets in Denmark. In 2004, Qubiqa supplied 3 Layer Picker® Hoist with Stripper and Descrambler units. In 2013 - after years of operating the facility 24/7, 6 days per week – Netto decided to invest in a complete upgrade of the Layer Picker® heads, Stripper and Descrambler units. ”I am very satisfied with the Qubiqa upgrade. Especially, the new Descrambler has reduced the need for manual action during production. Besides an increased capacity, we experience a better continuity with fewer errors,” says warehouse manager at Netto’s distribution center in Køge, Brian Sverke.



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Efficient logistics and automation create better bottom lines.
Qubiqa offers a number of advanced, innovative and thoroughly tested quality products for the optimization of insulation plants, storage units and industrial production equipment. We ensure the steady operation of all of our products and offer a wide variety of associated maintenance agreements.


tailor-made   logistics systems
Qubiqa supplies tailor-made, intelligent logistics solutions worldwide. Our competent teams create solutions for our customers that ensure efficient and reliable production.

We ensure steady operation of your production equipment and internal logistics systems.

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