24 August 2021

Qubiqa acquired by members of the Board and the Management

The Danish private equity firm BWB Partners divests the Esbjerg-based company Qubiqa to a group of owners consisting of members of the Board and members of Qubiqa's Management. Continued growth on existing and new markets is expected.

The ownership of the Esbjerg-based company Qubiqa (the former Seelen) has changed hands: The private equity firm BWB Partners divests the company to a partially local group of investors, counting - among others - the current Chairman of the Board Axel Manøe Jepsen, Member of the Board Esben Bay Jørgensen, CEO Morten Lagoni Seeberg and CFO Jørgen Prange Løvschall. They are supported by two further, private investors, Claus Skov and Jesper Kalko. All parties invest through their personal investment companies.


"With the new group of owners, the Board of Directors, Axel Manøe Jepsen and Esben Bay Jørgensen, join forces with the management as long-term owners of Qubiqa. We will continue the current strategy and look forward to further developing a company that is on the right course and still has great potential in a growing market", says Morten Lagoni Seeberg.


Qubiqa's current CEO, Morten Lagoni Seeberg, and CFO, Jørgen Prange Løvschall both remain in their current positions.


High level of activity in new and existing markets

Qubiqa is a global market leader within the development and manufacture of automated packing solutions for the insulation industry. The company, with headquarter in Esbjerg, Denmark, production and sales facilities in Poland and a sales office in the US, has 185 employees.


In the last financial year, Qubiqa had a turnover of 188 million DKK, and the new group of owners expects continued growth in turnover, profit and the number of employees.


"We are very busy and expect that the activity will remain at a high level for some time. We are looking into a period of much activity in the building industry, which is our primary customer base. At the same time we see new potential in expanding our activities to new markets, so we will need to hire more colleagues both in Esbjerg and in Poland", states Morten Lagoni Seeberg.


In Esbjerg, we are primarily looking for electrical technicians and PLC programmers.


The parties do not wish to disclose the sales price.

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