DFU Double Fork Stacker

technical info
LENGTH2000 - 4050 mm
WIDTH1000 - 2500 mm
ITEM HEIGHT25 - 350 mm
STACKING HEIGHT140 - 1100 mm (1200 mm opening)
CAPACITYInfeed: 12 layers/min
 Outfeed: no limitation


Fast upstacking of products at line level

The DFU is a member of the Qubiqa area stacker family. Stacking is done at line level, and special products can easily pass through the equipment. Depending on the line width, the stacker is available with arms moving in from one side or from both sides.


With its small footprint, stacking height at line level, and its low building height, the machine will easily fit into existing production lines.


The DFU is also available with only one set of forks at a lower cost and with reduced capacity.


The system is typically supplied with a Qubiqa ACCU conveyor that accumulates a layer before handing it over to the stacking system.


Qubiqa Double Fork Stacker features:

  • Small footprint
  • Various capacity levels – with the possibility of later upgrades
  • Stacking maintained at line level
  • Unlimited number of exits per minute
  • High availability
  • Servo-driven movements

The unique design of the DFU has often proven to be the only option for automatic stacking in existing production lines in congested factory buildings.



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