CS15 Combistacker


Automated stacking of plates directly from production line.

Handling of various product sizes.


15 layers/min

Outfeed: 4 complete layers of stacks/min 

ITEM SIZESFrom 400 x 400 mm up to 4050 x 2700 mm



The CS15 is part of Qubiqa’s range of products for stacking. The flexible design enables the stacking of small as well as large items in the same stacker. The actual stacking area is precisely defined, and each layer is thoroughly adjusted to obtain perfect stacking.


The high capacity is achieved by having the charge of product to go straight forward onto the slideplates.


The ability to stack a large area at a time reduces the speed of the system, which means that the wear and tear and consequently also the required maintenance of the machine also reduced.


The system is typically supplied with a Qubiqa ACCU conveyor, which accumulates a layer before handing it over it to the stacking system. 



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