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Benny Laursen
Key Account Manager
Tel. +45 40 38 60 99


CAPACITY4 - 8 cycles per minute
MAXIMUM LOAD40 - 300 kg

Vacuum, gripping or fork tools, or a combination of these, depending on the requirements


The robot requires a special concrete foundation according to Qubiqa's specifications


Customer-adapted, industrial robot solutions

Qubiqa uses industrial robots for a number of tasks in our systems. We design our own robot cells and are specialized in the design of tailor-made tools.


We are not limited to offer only one robot manufacture. If the customer has no specific preferences, we use the robot best suited for the task.

Our robot cells are applied for stacking, destacking, palletizing and special purposes in our systems, where we utilize the reach, flexibility and speed of the robot.

Qubiqa robot cells features:

  • Our own design of robot tools
  • In-house robot programmers
  • No limitation to only one type of robot
  • Flexibility
  • Reach
  • A minimum of maintenance

Over the years Qubiqa has designed and commissioned more than 50 robot cells as part of our system supplies.



We have a constant focus in innovation and thus continue to improve our original designs. It ensures you an investment that will be long lasting and always updated.

Learn more about our upgrades that will extend the lifetime of your equipment.


Qubiqa supplies tailor-made logistics systems fitted to your demands
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