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Anders H. Andersen
Sales Director
Tel. +45 21 49 95 61


Change of product orientation, change of transport direction, distribution from one to four lines

Qubiqa offers a wide range of special straw bale conveyors for special tasks. All these conveyors are designed based on our 25 years of experience.


Transfer vehicles 

The transfer vehicle is one of two proven solutions for distribution of bales into four feeding lines.



The other solution consists of four pushers placed one after the other that push one bale at a time off the line into each of the four feeding lines. The pushers can also be used in the main flow to push two bales off the line.


Bale turning conveyor 

Our bale turning unit is designed for turning the bales 90°. This is a special function used in the UK, where all bales arrive at the power plant lying on the side. Before entering the furnace inlet, the bales must be turned back to normal position.



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