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Anders H. Andersen
Sales Director
Tel. +45 21 49 95 61

Conveyor lines

25 years of know-how hidden in a seemingly simple conveyor

Our heavy-duty chain conveyor is designed especially for carrying straw bales. 

Straw bales are heavy and sometimes with a soft bottom side, which often results in the conveyor chains just running through the bale without moving it. We solve this by welding carrier plates onto the chains to create a large surface for the bale to lean on.


Heavy duty chain conveyors with nylon base 

Furthermore, the carrier plates are fitted with studs with dual function. First, they ensure friction against the bale to prevent the bales from sliding and, secondly, they clean the closed chain return channel under the conveyor. To extend the chain's service life, our chain is placed on a nylon base that results in minimum wear.


Our focus on spillage control built into the design ensures that we meet the requirements to keep spillage to a minimum. In addition to the conveyors, we also supply fire gates that are specially designed for closing towards our conveyors. The fire gates may be delivered as BS60 or BS120. 




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