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Anders H. Andersen
Sales Director
Tel. +45 21 49 95 61

Automatic crane system

Automatic bridge crane handling 12 straw bales in one lift

Our automatic crane system is designed for handling 12 bales in one lift.


This is equal to one layer of bales on the lorry arriving into the unloading zone. This way we reduce the unloading time and increase the material flow into the system.


Electro-hydraulic yoke
The crane is equipped with an electro-hydraulic yoke with six grippers that secure the straw during lifting.


Moisture measurement and certified weighing system
During the lifting of the bales, the crane measures the weight of the load via a certified weighing system integrated into the bridge crane. The moisture content in the bales is measured via grab-mounted transmitters/receivers. The weight and the moisture information is essential, as it is used to settle the suppliers' accounts and to ensure the correct material quality.


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