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Anders H. Andersen
Sales Director
Tel. +45 21 49 95 61

BIOMASS handling

Our aim is to be the leading consulting manufacturer of logistic solutions for handling and transport of baled biomass for energy and fuel production 

Our innovative and efficient logistics solutions for the bioenergy industry include everything from preliminary concept development to simulation, project management and implementation.


Baled Biomass 

Qubiqa is one of the leading suppliers of turnkey logistics solutions for the handling and transport of biomass for power and fuel production; solutions that are in high demand from a wide variety of customers. 

Complete solutions

Over the years, our original product range - conveyors and cranes for the handling of straw - has been substantially expanded. In collaboration with subsuppliers and partners, our experienced staff is able to include unitizers, hammermills, pelletizers, cyclones, filters etc. in our turnkey supplies – not only for straw, but also for other kinds of biomass and baled materials in general.


Realize opportunity - call us  

Let us help you tailor a solution especially for you, ensuring the required capacity and quality for future growth.

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Qubiqa supplies tailor-made logistics systems fitted to your demands
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