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upgrades for the insulation industry

We have developed 15 new upgrades that will extend the lifetime of your equipment and ensure that it keeps up with your demands to the production. 

Packing Machines

  • Index Marking on Film
    Homogeneous packs and full control of the film.
    Download data sheet
  • Safety Hook System
    Increased safety during maintenance and cleaning.
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  • Cam Control of Packing Machines
    More reliable operation. Capacity increase from 9 to 10 packs and 12 to 14 packs respectively, depending on product and in/outfeed. 
  • Automatic Alignment of film
    For packing and multipack machines.
    Download data sheet
  • New Film Station 
    Automatic welding, pneumatic axles and brakes.
    Download data sheet 


Multipack Machines 


General Upgrades

  • Upgrade of Siemens Control Panel
    The old Siemens panels are discontinued.
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  • Air Shaft with Brake 
    Allows larger film reel diameters, which leads to an increased operating time between film changes.


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