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Niels Toft
Service Manager
Tel. +45 23 46 02 99

Qubiqa Aftersales


Hotline Service 24/7

To use our hotline service - simply call +45 53 68 01 99.

The hotline is manned by experienced technicians, who are familiar with the function of your machines.

We also offer a Hotline Service Contract that includes the possibility of secure, remote online connection and guaranteed response times. 

Customers who have not signed a Hotline Service Contract with Qubiqa are also welcome to contact our hotline. However, in these cases we cannot offer a guaranteed response time and remote access to your machines may not be possible.

To learn more about our 24/7 Hotline Contract, please contact our service manager.

Niels Toft 

Tel. +45 23 46 02 99


customized aftersales solutions

With Qubiqa as your maintenance partner you get the optimal operation every day – and improved system lifetime.


As part of future-proofing your logistics systems we offer agreements ranging from the Total Service Management concept, where Qubiqa is responsible for the maintenance of all of the supplied equipment, to solutions including one or more of the following elements:

As a supplier of first class aftersales service we offer:

  • A maintenance crew with extensive technical know-how
  • A maintenance crew that handles both our own products and systems - as well as those supplied by others
  • Tailor-made maintenance solutions
  • Optimal daily operation
  • Future-safe investment
  • Predictable maintenance costs




Qubiqa supplies tailor-made logistics systems fitted to your demands
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