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Our CSR vision

”We aim at being the preferred responsible business partner and supplier of quality products, services and know-how to our customers and we wish to contribute to the realization of their opportunities.”


We fulfill our vision through business-driven CSR, where legitimate and responsible business conduct forms the basis for the following:

  • Being a role model through the strengthening of our sustainability and awareness.
  • Support of our social responsibility through the cooperation and partnering with relevant actors.
  • Setting the strongest possible team in our company by letting the right competences unfold at the right places, where diversity gives room for new opportunities, and job satisfaction paves the way for great experiences.
  • Future-proofing of the societies that we are a part of by strengthening the competitiveness, creating workplaces and developing competences. 

Our employees experience...

… that Qubiqa is an attractive, responsible and safe workplace, where employees feel good about going to work. The employees feel that they can grow and develop with Qubiqa. We attract the right people within our field, ensuring that Qubiqa develops and remains among the best within product innovation, services, product know-how, presentational skills and marketing. Qubiqa must be a workplace with good potential for personal and professional development for each employee, and at the same time the social aspect must be considered. We have “a high ceiling” for the ambitious employees, but with room for all.


Our customers experience…

… that they receive products and solutions of the highest quality, which are manufactured responsibly and under sustainable conditions. Qubiqa is one of the best when it comes to product innovation, services, product know-how, responsibility and sustainability. We often do our product development in cooperation with our customers and other actors in order to find the best solutions, with features that are adjusted to our customers’ and the market’s requirements.

On request, Qubiqa will hand out our product and quality policies, our environment policy and our purchasing policy.


The world around us recognizes…

… that Qubiqa is ambitious also as regards sustainability and responsibility, and that we are market leaders on selected product areas – both as regards product innovation and product-related services. Qubiqa is an international actor on the global market, and we are, internally as well as externally, one company, one group. We stand out from the rest as regards coherent sustainability and responsibility, product innovation, services, product know-how, presentational skills and marketing. It is clear to our surroundings that we do not compromise when it comes to our values, quality, sustainability and responsibility.

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