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Our CSR basis

Our stand on the market

Qubiqa has developed from consisting of a number of local companies into an international Group on a par with the other global actors in our line of business.


The strategic CSR work started in 2013. Until now, not many of our competitors have incorporated strategic CSR into their activities, but our customers show an increasing focus on responsibility, and we believe that sound CSR conduct will gain increasing attention in our business.


Our products and maintenance concepts

Our products are known for being of the highest quality, and our solutions give us a valuable competitive advantage. The continued development of our solutions and products as well as our production knowledge requires that our employees are on a high competitive level.


Today for instance our products and systems for material handling in insulation companies and power plants contribute – directly or indirectly – to the creation of sustainability in our society at the same time as all our products and systems for internal logistics contribute with the best possible ergonomic consideration.


In order to expand our position we will keep developing our know-how about our customers’ expectations to sustainability and about the requirements and expectations they have to Qubiqa. We are convinced that in future there will be an even greater demand for products and systems that contribute to sustainability, which are manufactured sustainably.


Our organization and employees 

Qubiqa’s management team has a solid basis for the strategic CSR work by virtue of our CSR strategy and associated plan of action, and a CSR organization for carrying the words into effect.

The CSR organization is headed by a CSR steering committee consisting of Qubiqa’s CEO and Qubiqa's Marketing & CSR coordinator. The steering committee is responsible for leading Qubiqa’s CSR work, including the CSR strategy and its implementation.


Furthermore, the CSR organization consists of a CSR team handling the implementation of the CSR work. The steering committee and CSR team are jointly responsible for the execution of our CSR strategy. Qubiqa’s Group Marketing Manager leads and coordinates the activities of the CSR team.


Our focus is on giving our employees the right competences and frames for anchoring CSR in the entire organization. Therefore, we will focus on competence development throughout the organization and across borders. This will contribute to ensuring that we have the right crew aboard when meeting the future CSR challenges.


We have a strong basis in Denmark, and we will continue to have so in future. We will also continue to see our company as a unity, and we will draw on each of the divisions in the day-to-day tasks in order to optimize the cooperation and thereby incorporate CSR in everybody’s daily work.


Qubiqa's profile

Until now, we have not actively been profiling Qubiqa on the basis of responsibility and sustainability. We believe that at the present time we are being regarded as a company with a high degree of integrity and responsibility, but not yet as a company working strategically with CSR.

We consider ourselves a responsible company, and we want our partners, especially our customers, to consider Qubiqa a responsible and sustainable company, wherever they are in the world. We will therefore get even better at profiling Qubiqa as the sustainable company that we are – especially towards our present and future customers.

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