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Frederik Teisner
Key Account Manager
Tel. +45 41 72 61 46

CArton Erector Machine

Carton box erecting machine and filling for board products

Placing your value-added products in cartons, provides the best protection of your products and ensures a premium quality appearance that will appeal to your customers.


Board products often call for odd-sized and/or large dimension packaging. At Qubiqa, we can customize carton erecting machines specifically to your requirements. We use our standard building blocks to design a system that fits your layout as well as your dimensional and capacity requirements.


Cardboard Box or Tray and Lid

For small product stack dimension (<300 mm), using a Tray & Lid solution rather than aconventional one-piece cardboard box can be advantageous. Qubiqa offers both, and will guide you to the right solution for your carton erecting machinery.



·        Snug fit in the box to offer premium protection

·        Optional tray and lid solution

·        Carton erectors with industrial robots

·        Automatic product change

·        Verification sensing for maximum availability and minimum operator intervention.


 You are always welcome to contact us for further information.



Qubiqa supplies tailor-made logistics systems fitted to your demands
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